Our Vision

 Our Mission
Our mission at Northwoods is to bring people who are far from God into a life of Christ.

This mission is our core foundation and can never be lost as we consider that every soul is important to God.

Our Vision
1)  Your new beginning starts here.
We believe this is true for anybody regardless of where they are at in life.
2)  To become the friendliest church in America.
Relationships matter!
3)  To be a church that gives back.
Jesus came for whosoever, we are the whosoevers.
4)  We want to encourage the now generation and equip the next generation.
We know that great people had a vision and a dream for this church and planted that seed. We know that vision and dream has succeeded throughout the years through faithful commitment, dedication and courage of those that have stayed to fight the good fight of faith. We know it is our calling to keep the vision and dream alive by bringing up disciples who are steadfast in God’s word though the grace and mercy of God. With these foundations Northwoods Church of God will continue to succeed and be blessed.